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and culture: it is a perversion of the hierarchy
of values. The economism of the capitalist
world recognizes spirit as an epiphenomenon of
economics. And it is not Marx who is to blame
for this perversion. Marx discovered this idea
in the capitalist, bourgeois society of the nine-
teenth century and was so affected by it that
he considered it to be of universal significance.
But we are living in the decline of capitalism,
it has passed its period of flowering. The
capitalism of our day is a fallen capitalism which
is being remade into a new form of economics.
With financial capital at its head, capitalism is
no longer connected with liberalism or individual-
ism. It is passing over from a liberal period
to one of state-control, since liberal, unregulated
capitalism has become patently dangerous for all
classes, even the bourgeoisie. In spite of Marx,
even the capitalists are dissatisfied with capital-
ism. This is^ especially evident in America, the
classic example of industrial capitalism. There
the necessity of some regulation of capitalism
is universally recognized as urgent, since un-
regulated capitalism has brought the country to
the verge of catastrophe.

The old form of capitalism no longer assures
the life of anyone. It can no longer feed man.
Whereas once the capitalist system exploited the
masses, now it puts them out on the street. It is